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Our Portfolio Of Services Increase Value And Improve Performance Through The Effective Integration Of People, Process, And Technology.

Acquisition Management

USFS understands the acquisition challenges facing the both civilian and defense agencies.  Regardless of acquisition size, scope, and complexity our acquisition experts ensure speed of acquisition without compromising accuracy of requirements, thoroughness of market research, and cost competition.

Whether an acquisition requires compliance with DoDI 5000.02, DoDI 5000.75, DHS MD 102, DHS MD 107, DFAR, and FAR our acquisition experts understand the requirements, priorities, processes, and governance to successfully support any acquisition program throughout the entire acquisition lifecycle.

Whether you are evaluating shared services or strategic sourcing options our acquisition experts can carefully evaluate the most relevant alternatives and provide courses of action and recommendations for the most efficient and effective acquisition solutions.

Our acquisition professionals have successfully supported ACAT I, ACAT II, ACAT III acquisitions at the Department of Defense and Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 acquisitions at the Department of Homeland Security.  Our acquisition experts bring comprehensive experience, best practices, lessons learned, and proven ability to support federal acquisitions of any size or complexity.


Financial Management

The federal government represents about 20% of the American economy. Managing this huge financial enterprise takes a great deal of talent and effort. OMB has created the Chief Financial Officers Council that deals with the most important financial issues facing our government. Two of the most important of these financial management issues are debt collection and improper payments.

Regarding debt collection, there are about $165 billion in funds that are in a delinquent status. Regarding improper payments, about 3.5% of all payments made by the federal government are improper, although this percentage has been dropping in recent years.

U. S. Federal Solutions can help you develop a plan to deal with these and other financial management issues. We are especially knowledgeable about how to relate the budget process to financial management.

The DATA Act of 2014 is committed to more data-driven government decision-making and helping make financial data more transparent and available to the public. This is an important initiative where we could help you plan for better execution.

U.S. Federal Solutions can assist you as you move to get your financial “house” in order. We could help you review best financial management practices in other government agencies and in the private sector and then help you incorporate them into your financial initiatives.


Human Capital

The federal government faces a “human capital crisis” which is made up of three elements:

  • The best and brightest don’t come into federal service

  • When they do come in, they don’t stay long (especially, IT personnel)

  • Lack of succession planning as people leave and retire

U.S. Federal Solutions (USFS) can help you more effectively deal with each of these challenges.  Specifically, USFS can assist you in the following areas:

  • Staff Augmentation:  we can help you grow your staff with contract personnel.  Regarding executive assistants, we have a shared services model which allows you save money while improving support services.

  • Flexibility Under Title V:  traditional workforce management under Title V does not always provide agencies with the flexibility they need to effectively manage their workforce.  Under certain circumstances, agencies are permitted to design and implement their own customized workforce management systems.

  • Performance Management:  We can assist you in better linking the daily work of every employee to the overall strategic goals of your agency.
In addition, USFS can provide support in the following human capital issues:
  • Expanding telework

  • Reducing the time for security clearances

  • Considering policies for the use of social media at work

  • Streaming the hiring process

  • Expanding coaching and mentoring programs

  • Improving knowledge management

  • Identifying critical skill gaps and filling them

Information Technology

U.S. Federal Solutions (USFS) is a leading provider of information technology solutions to federal agencies and Fortune 5000 companies. Our highly qualified IT  Analysts and Engineers deliver effective and timely IT solutions that help to ensure the security of government information systems and cyber critical infrastructure while protecting the privacy of Personally Identifiable Information. USFS combines industry expertise with our highly qualified staff to create need-based solutions  that bring about tangible business value.

Our services include IT strategic planning, Portfolio Management, Agile Development as well as traditional full system development life cycle (SDLC) implementation in addition to post-production operation and  maintenance. Our team consists of certified Project Management Professionals (PMP), Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL)  practitioners. We understand how to get things done in large, complex organizations, and we work well in environments where there are multiple contractors providing complementary services to our client. Our holistic approach to information and system security provides federal agencies the  ability to understand, document, and mitigate information security risk, assure information systems are secure, and demonstrate and measure compliance with federal regulations and standards.


Management Improvement

USFS management improvement experts provide thought leadership, proven experience, best practices, and lessons learned to help federal agencies promote greater accountability to the American people by improving agency performance, effectively managing risk, and reducing costs.

Our strategic planning experts help agencies respond to current and future challenges by more clearly communicating goals and objectives, synchronizing planning and performance processes, improving resource alignment, and validating program priorities.

Our performance management experts help agency programs set quantifiable performance measures aligned to agency strategic goals and objectives.  Our methods provide timely and actionable performance information for decision-makers and support data-driven reviews that guide well informed decisions.

Our portfolio management experts play a critical role in the planning, programming, budgeting, & execution (PPBE) process by apply our portfolio management methodology built on best practices from across the federal government and private industry.

Threat Assessment

U.S. Federal Solut ions (USFS) supports federal organizations by helpint to lead efforts to incorporate continuity requirements into their daily operations so that agencies ensure seamless and immediate continuation of essential functions and services.  Our consultants/analyst conduct thorough threat assessments which consider the full spectrum of threats (i.e., natural, criminal, terrorist, accidental, etc.) for a given facility/location.  Subsequently we follow that assessment with a vulnerability assessment which considers the potential impact of loss from a successful attack as well as the vulnerability of the facility/location to an attack. 

Our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) comply with all industry standards to include DoDI 8500.2 (Information Assurance). We provide assessments to assist in identifying threats/vulnerabilities while recommending options to reduce risk and improve mission assurance. Using a range of qualitative and quantitative measures our SMEs incorporate time-tested scientific practices in their verification and validation of risk. We understand what’s at stake nationally, internationally, and locally.  USFS is committed to providing the very best analysts to help support agencies in the protection of all that our nation holds dear.  


Virginia Office

125 N. Lee St., Suite 403,
Alexandria, VA 22314

Maryland Office

8710 Cameron St. Suite 907
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Virginia Office

125 N. Lee St., Suite 403, 
Alexandria, VA 22314

Maryland Office

8710 Cameron St. Suite 907
Silver Spring, MD  20910


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