U.S. Federal Solutions, Inc.

USFS helps state and local government clients realize cost savings and reduce risk as they implement flexible and innovative solutions. Our highly qualified consultants help state and local government agencies cut through bureaucracy to rapidly drive organizational, operational, and performance improvements that are essential to meeting the agency’s strategic objectives while improving daily operations/goals which link to this strategy.

USFS Consultants Have Successfully Served:

State and Local Agencies

                Department of Health
                Department of Social Services
                Economic and Workforce Development
                Office of Information Technology
                Department of Public Works
                Property Management
                Public School System

State and Local Government

U.S. Federal Solutions’ (USFS) understands that in the current challenging economy, state and local governments must maximize value while delivering world-class services in an environment of limited funding. USFS provides program and project management expertise to multiple government agencies.  The Program Management Office (PMO) is one of the fastest growing concepts in management today and serves as the key to effective implementation of project objectives and goals across an organization married to traditional stove-pipe service delivery. In today’s tight money environment a PMO is critical for managing change, leveling resources and sustaining any resulting efficiencies gained.