U.S. Federal Solutions, Inc.

Defense Agencies

  1. Office of the Secretary of Defense
  2. Defense Logistics Agency
  3. Defense Threat Reduction Agency
  4. U.S. Transportation Command
  5. U.S. Army
  6. U.S. Air Force​
  7. U.S. Navy

By tailoring our proven methodologies to the federal sector our consultants help improve Agency capabilities and performance. Our methods are grounded in analytics, meaningful engagement of stakeholders, and a focus on timely and effective results.

USFS Consultants Have Successfully Served:

Civilian Agencies                                                             

  1. Department of Homeland Security                             
  2. Department of Agriculture                                           
  3. Department of Justice                                                   
  4. Department of Treasury                                               
  5. Department of Labor                                                     
  6. Environment Protection Agency                                  
  7. Housing and Urban Development                               

Federal Government

U.S. Federal Solutions’ (USFS) has extensive experience successfully serving the Federal Government Sector.  Our highly qualified consultants help Federal Agencies cut through bureaucracy to rapidly drive organizational, operational, and performance improvements that are essential to meeting agency strategic objectives.

USFS works closely with leaders and management teams across the federal government to identify and reduce waste, drive operational efficiencies, and align organizational capabilities to achieve agency missions.